ATL Sports Showdown Michael Moore


Week 4:

This episode he starts with our famous Falcons giving them props on their efforts and defense even with them falling short in their game by one point against the Bengals. Ito Smith is recognized for scoring the first touchdown of not only the game but his career as well. Although a great accomplishment, the Bengals’ Tyler Eifert tied up the game with the next touchdown. Moving on in the game, Michael discusses the sting of another score on the Falcons by AJ Green, a former UGA player. He wraps up with spotlighting a few positive efforts on the Falcons side with defense and how Tak McKinley and Demonte Kazee tried to pull through for Atlanta.


In Soccer, out Atlanta United Team took an unfortunate loss against the NY Red Bulls in a 2-0 game. Nonetheless, Atlanta United is still on their way to the playoffs where they have an opportunity for more success!


Just like our Atlanta United team, our Braves are also on their way to the playoffs at a shot to win big for the city! Michael discusses their game history and how even with losses in the past, they still have a chance to conquer.


For this week in college football, Michael talks about our Bulldogs game against the Volunteers. He discusses how rushing from players like Elijah Holyfield led to successful plays. Also, how DeAndre Swift and Justin Fields scored 2 touchdowns each for the team.


Our Tech Yellow Jackets also reclaimed success against the Bowling Green Falcons with an amazing score of 63-17! Michael highlights TaQuon Marshall’s 2 rushing touchdowns along with players, Jordan Mason and Tobias Oliver. He also talks about how these days, backup quarterbacks have been making it into the spotlight.

More in college football, Michael reviews our dominating game between our Georgia State Panthers and the University of Louisiana Marlow Warhawks, 46-14. Seth Paige gets a spotlight with how he got the team in the lead with 145 yards rushing and not one, but two touchdowns!


Michael then dives into basketball and how the Hawks will be revving up pretty soon against the Pelicans, along with a few other teams lined up for the season. He briefly discusses Lori Pierce, wondering what type of team development will come from the team’s new head coach.


What do you think of the football season so far? What are you expecting from our Braves and Atlanta United? How do you think the Hawks will hold up this coming preseason with a new coach? Stay tuned with more highlights and updates with Michael Moore on ATL Sports Showdown!

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