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ATL in 60 Seconds is your one-stop-shop for all things Atlanta. The city of Atlanta is a unique place, overflowing with culture, beauty and diversity. We have made it our mission to highlight what’s hot and what’s not. Our web series’ and talk shows are dedicated to top Atlanta tourism places, Atlanta entertainment and much more. With shows that are calibrated perfectly to attract every demographic in the city, ATL in 60 Seconds always has the scoop on latest Atlanta activities.

After a small hiatus, we are now back with an updated format and much more unique content to offer. We are proactively updating exciting new content on our website and our social media accounts, only because we want people to see the beauty of Atlanta in its truest form. Our professional team comprising of food reporters, entertainment reporters and sports reporters works hard to find exciting and inspirational stories for our Atlanta web series.

The true joy of living lies in unity and compassion, which is why our web series’ and talk shows give Atlanta residents a chance to speak up about why the city is special to them. ATL in 60 Seconds is truly the best Atlanta Entertainment source, with quintessential Atlanta stories specifically hand-picked for our audiences.

With art, culture, music, food, dating, entertainment, politics, business, economy and sports all in one place, ATL in 60 Seconds is a celebration of Atlanta. Through our talk shows, we will shed light on all important sports events happening in Atlanta, the great restaurants, festivals and more!

By subscribing to our Atlanta web series, viewers can expect exclusive and enjoyable content, along with contests and new updates on our web series’ and talk shows. ATL in 60 Seconds is extremely passionate about Atlanta and what it has to offer to the world. We want you to join and us and share your thoughts about what makes this city unique.

Our love and support for the city of Atlanta is at the heart of everything we do and we urge you to join us on this magical journey!