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Do you own a business or product that you want people to talk about? Are you just starting and having difficulty getting your business noticed? Let us help you properly advertise your business! We have diverse options and many different platforms you can use to help promote your business or product in Atlanta.

We have several different plans including the following:

  1. Atlanta Talks Food
  2. Premium and Exclusive Sponsorship
  3. Business Shoutouts
  4. On-Page Banners/Ads

We utilize these four packages, because of their success in conversions. If you want to turn your business into a sales machine and get people to talk about it – then you should start advertising with us.

With a team full of experienced experts, ATL in 60 Seconds strives to provide the highest quality and assistance possible. Our focus is not just on advertising, but on building a strong and long-lasting relationship with businesses in the Atlanta area.

Why Dozens Of Business Owners Prefer To Advertise With Us?

The answer is simple. You will get quality and targeted advertising for half of what you could get it elsewhere.

If you want to reach people from here – then Atlanta Advertising is a must.

Not only will you get all of Atlanta’s attention, but you will be advertising with one of the most exclusive portals in the city for the last few years.

What are you waiting to show your vision to the whole city?

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