Jems Henry

Surprised by the lack of updated and exciting content as well as awareness about Atlanta – the buzzing city overflowing with culture, beauty and diversity – an ATlien formed ATL in 60 Seconds.

It’s an organization committed to providing information about what’s hot and what’s not.

ATL in 60 Seconds is led by the zealous founder who was familiar with every nook and cranny of Atlanta.

Her extensive experience in fields such as real estate, restaurants, entertainment, and sports marketing prompted her to incorporate ATL in 60 Seconds.

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Message from the ATL in 60 Seconds’ Team

If you aim to increase your targeted audiences, views, sales, product, services or restaurant, Atl In 60 Seconds has got you covered.  We are a full-service production team that will film your commercial or just take great photos.  We are one of the first online website in Atlanta that can review your restaurants or just come to our studio. So you can showcase your fashion trends, sports and other entertainment in Atlanta.  Want more exposure?  Come on our web series talk show to see why Food meets Conversation. If you would like to promote your Event, Business or Grand Opening …… Atlanta Talks Food will help you get the word out!  Together, let’s make a positive difference and take your business to the next level.

60 Seconds Squad will shout out hardworking, inspiring and deserving people to spread positive vibes, which are much needed today. Consisting of our street reporters who are eager to learn more about the culture of Atlanta. Whether you are living here or looking to relocate to the city, you will find their content pretty exciting as we discover the hidden gems and highlight valuable information. The 60 Seconds Squad will spotlight a Teacher of the week, a Waitress that gives great service and can even promote your new music or book.  Sharing what are the latest happenings in Atlanta and Vlogging while discovering new places, The 60 Second Squad, is always out in the open looking for interesting stories to share with our audience. Plus, the 60 Second Squad is committed to paying it forward to those in need of a great reward for just being themselves!

Got a Birthday party or special occasion coming up?  Let our 60 Seconds Squad shout you out with a few surprises.  Our 60 Seconds Squad is just a call away, so reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You-Tube, Linkedin, and Snapchat.

What is Speak Up Atlanta?

Speak Up Atlanta is the integral part of ATL in 60 Seconds in which people connect with & shout out the city! This is your chance to speak up and start a meaningful dialogue on issues that matter to you and that you believe can add value to other people’s lives.

Our panel of hosts will be open to real-time questions on any Atlanta activities, issues or current affairs. You can be part of this segment by sending in questions via social media or by phone.

Furthermore, interested people even have the chance of being a guest on the show to speak up about the things that make Atlanta amazing.

Our residents make this city what it is, and they need a platform to share their opinions with a large demographic. With Speak Up Atlanta, people have the power to start new discussions, create awareness and create an image of Atlanta that depicts its true beauty and diversity.

At the end of the show, local businesses and entrepreneurs will be given a chance to highlight their unique products or services in order to promote the start-up culture in the city.

So, are you ready to Speak Up Atlanta!