How has Corona Virus effected the food industry in Atlanta?

Are you cooking more at home or eating outside during the Corona virus outbreak? There is no more doubt that it spread like a jungle’s fire and now a pandemic. To date Georgia has about 6000+ confirm cases & about 200 deaths. Every food lover in Atlanta (or anywhere else) must have a basic knowledge of how corona virus can infect you and how you can stay away from this virus.

Corona Virus in a Nutshell

Corona Virus is a disease that can result in an intense respiratory problem. The victims of Corona Virus may feel suffocation, flu, cough and high fever. Corona Virus is a contagious virus, that means if an infected patient with corona virus touches a normal person, he will also be infected by that. This virus can also survive on the surface of different objects even for hours. And whenever someone touches that infected surface, he/she also get an infection of corona virus. The infection spreads when you put infected hands on your eyes, nose or in the mouth. Washing hands is the only available solution we’ve got for now.

Symptoms of Corona virus

Corona Virus in Atlanta

Including different cities in various states of America, Atlanta could also be in the intense grasp of corona virus pandemic, if every single person will not play his role. The current situation of the city is just like an old sci-fi movie of the 1950’s, the Atlanta city is shut down due to a deadly corona virus. It’s a bitter truth to digest that people in Atlanta are on the verge of losing the delicious food of Atlanta’s culture. No matters the number of infected people in Atlanta, everyone needs to be careful and apt safety precautions.

Corona Virus image-How has Corona Virus effected the food industry in Atlanta?

Effects of Corona Virus on Atlanta’s Food Industry

It’s an undeniable heartbreaking thing that the food markets are also on lockdown. The situation is getting worse day by day. “This shall too pass” is the last and only hope left for the food lovers. The restaurants are missing their crowds like a Christmas morning. The shutdown of Ponce City Market has hit thousands of minds of Atlanteans.

You may not enjoy your delicious foods at restaurants, with your family or friends for an unknown period.  But wait, there is a way left, way to tackle this from the comfort of your homes. You can search for the restaurants that are providing the facility of home delivery in Atlanta. And if you are sensible enough to maintain the social distance of 4-5 feet, can wear a mask and sanitize your hands; you can find an amazing taste of many restaurants. In this way, you can at least enjoy with your family at home.

How has Corona Virus effected the food industry in Atlanta?

Top things to eat in Atlanta during the Corona Virus outbreak

The deadly corona virus has made life as “The survival of the fittest”. If your immune system is strong, you can defeat viruses or even any other disease. We will tell you how you can make a stronger immune system.

  Stay Hydrated 24/7
  Eat more vegetables and fruits
  Include vegetables in your dishes
  Use rich fat products like olive oil and salmons
  Engage yourself in different exercises

Take a glance on these few easily available things that can be a great asset to boost up your immune system.

Citrus fruits

Vitamin C helps to boost up the immune system. It helps the body to produce white blood cells that are responsible. You can take different citrus fruits like Grapefruit, Oranges, lemons, Key-lime and many more.

Citrus fruits-Atlanta



Yogurt contains Vitamin D, that also regulates the body’s immune system. Try to get plain yogurt rather than preflavored or loaded with sugar.



Green Tea

Green Tea is a good source of amino acids and antioxidants (compounds that inhibit oxidation reactions of the body). It has a good amount of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that can boost up your immune.

Green Tea Cup

You can also add Garlic & Ginger, Broccoli, Turmeric and Red Bell peppers in your dishes to naturally enhance your immune system. So, if you take the right diet, you will have a better immune to fight with any disease.

How can you stay safe from Corona in Atlanta?

To date, there is no vaccine discovered to cure Corona Virus. The only option is social distancing and to apt safety precautions. To defeat corona virus, you should

✔  Avoid going to markets for unnecessary reasons.
✔  Wear Masks while going to public places.
✔  Keep a social distance of about 4-5 feet.
✔  Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
✔  Don’t put your hands in eyes, nose or mouth.
✔  Properly wash the fruits before eating.

How can you stay safe from corona

In the end, it must be concluded that; for the unknown time, the people of Atlanta need to be more careful than before and eat a safe and healthy diet. They need to maintain social distance to keep themselves & also the food culture of Atlanta alive!