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Who are we?

We are a community-driven, fun-loving, and professional Multimedia Production Company that focuses on Atlanta’s diverse culture and helps to promote the Atlanta experience through our website, social media, and new Web Series Talk Show, Atlanta Talks Food.Our main objective is to engage and support the communities of Atlanta by uniting them and providing specific essential information about the latest Events, Entertainment, Businesses, Restaurant Reviews and Media Production Services. We want every resident of Atlanta to feel that they belong and that they are heard. Hence, we encourage people to speak up and spread positive vibes.

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to engage and support the communities of Atlanta by uniting them and providing specific essential information regarding the latest events, entertainment, businesses, restaurant reviews, and general happenings in and around Atlanta. From the latest events to the newest business openings, we strive to cover each and every aspect of Atlanta by providing an entertaining, detailed, and valuable overview.

Plus, we want every visitor and resident alike in Atlanta to feel as if they belong and have a place to be heard. Hence, we encourage people to engage with ATL in 60 Seconds and Speak Up Atlanta. Spread those positive vibes about our amazing city

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What we believe in

We firmly believe that together we are stronger and that sharing can spread love, inspire people, and in turn, make a positive difference for the greater good. This is precisely why we strive hard to keep the communities in Atlanta and the people looking to move or visit Atlanta engaged through our exciting latest updates and urge people to speak up.



About ATL in 60 Seconds

Atlanta is a buzzing city overflowing with culture, beauty, and diversity. There is so much to enjoy that its often overwhelming trying to keep up with everything that is happening. That’s where ATL in 60 Seconds steps in. Formed by an original “ATLien”, ATL in 60 Seconds is a platform that encourages people to explore everything Atlanta has to offer. We help to promote events, businesses, restaurants, and anything you can think of that is part of the Atlanta experience.

Message from the ATL in 60 Seconds

If you are interested in increasing exposure for your business, ATL in 60 Seconds has got you covered. We are a full service production team that will film your commercial or just take great photos to help promote your business. We are one of the first online websites in Atlanta that can review your restaurant on location or in our studio. We also provide a platform for to showcase fashion trends, sports, and other entertainment events in Atlanta.

Still want more exposure? Join us as a guest on our Web Series Talk Show Atlanta Talks Food” – the place where food meets conversation – where you can get the word out about your restaurant or culinary business. Together, let’s make a positive difference and take your business to the next level

What is Speak Up Atlanta?

Speak Up Atlanta is an integral part of ATL in 60 Seconds where people can connect with and shout out to the city. This is your chance to speak up and start a meaningful dialogue on issues that matter to you and that you believe can add value to other people’s lives.

Our panel of hosts are open to real-time questions on any Atlanta activities, issues or current affairs. You can be part of this segment by sending in questions via social media or by phone.

Furthermore, interested people even have the chance of being a guest on the show to speak up about the things that make Atlanta amazing.

Our residents make this city what it is, and they need a platform to share their opinions with a large demographic. With Speak Up Atlanta, people have the power to start new discussions, create awareness and create an image of Atlanta that depicts its true beauty and diversity.

At the end of the show, local businesses and entrepreneurs will be given a chance to highlight their unique products or services in order to promote the start-up culture in the city.

So, are you ready to Speak Up Atlanta!