Famous Atlanta Food

The culinary experience in Atlanta is absolutely awesome! Traditional Atlanta food is hearty and rich yet vast and varied reflecting tastes and traditions that not only reflect Southern culture but other broader influences as well. Atlanta cuisine is representative of the many different cultures, languages, ethnicities, and histories that comprise the city. In fact, many famous national restaurants such as the Varsity, Waffle House, and even Chick-fil-A started right in Atlanta. While there are so many popular dishes to discuss, what are some of the most famous Atlanta foods?


In exploring some of the dishes outlining the gastronomic scene in Atlanta, perhaps the best place to start is the often overlooked burger.  Atlanta is home to a number of unique restaurants that serve burgers that are simply to die for. Most agree that Holeman & Finch is one gastropub that lives up to the hype. Their burgers are simply amazing! While such a simple staple dish, their perfectly cooked meat adorned with cheese, pickles, onions, and a buttered bun melts in your mouth leaving you craving for the next bite. Another excellent place to experience the best burgers Atlanta has to offer is FLIP Burger. FLIP Burger boutique can truly boast “Perfection on a bun”. Their chef specializes in crafting what some would consider an American standard into a truly unique experience. No matter where you go, Atlanta burgers are exceptional.

Barbecue pork

While barbecue may be a national pastime, no one does Barbecue like the South. And Atlanta barbecue fits right up there among the finest the South has to offer. BBQ restaurants always gratify everyone’s craving for spicy, slow-cooked delightfulness. Nothing is perceived more affectionately in Atlanta than pork belly with sticky barbecue sauce. It is served grilled to a flawless appearance, abundantly piled into a bun and served with coleslaw and fries. While barbecue pork can be found at a number of food places, what you can’t find everywhere is BBQ that merges Southern and Korean traditions. Spicy pork barbecue soaked in the fermented chili paste gochujang then smoked above oak and hickory is truly an amazing Atlanta culinary experience.

Hash Browns

Perhaps nothing at the Atlanta-based Waffle House diner chain is more iconic than its namesake waffles except for its hash browns. Whether scattered and smothered, covered, chunked, diced, peppered, capped, topped, country, all the way, or just plain Jane, nothing says Atlanta more than a plate of Waffle House hash browns. This is one cuisine that the natives are truly proud of and a must try for anyone seeking to truly enjoy famous Atlanta food.